Frequently Asked Questions

Great! We want our community to share their ideas for Project UNITY. To submit suggestions, please visit our website at You can enter your suggestions in the section entitled, Give Us Your Feedback. There is no limit to the number of times you can submit. 

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Project Unity subcommittee members are citizens invited to participate based on their demonstrated expertise and/or community involvement in one of the six subcommittee areas.  The subcommittee team leaders are City of Tuscaloosa employees. Like the subcommittee members, they have considerable professional experience in their respective areas. As team leaders, they are responsible for facilitating their subcommittee’s final recommendations.  

The purpose of Project UNITY is to ensure that underserved members of the Tuscaloosa community have equitable access to economic, educational, housing and youth recreational opportunities. For the Community Policing component, the purpose is to address real and perceived disparities in policing while creating a bridge between the Tuscaloosa Police Department and our community.

The recommendations are submitted to the Mayor who will then present them to Tuscaloosa City Council for consideration. 

We anticipate some of the Project UNITY recommendations will need sustained City Council discussion. It is our duty to continue to listen, learn and adapt to ensure we have actionable recommendations for the council to consider.