William Isaac McCoy, who goes by “Isaac,” is an educator, professional mentor, and business development executive skilled at navigating the busy intersection of nonprofits, public entities, corporations, and social impact investments. A former White House Appointee in the Obama Administration, leading economic policies and initiatives to support the growth and sustainability of minority-owned businesses, Isaac is the co-founder of the Jamii Group, a social impact and business development firm. The Jamii Group is committed to helping business leaders create greater opportunities for themselves, redefine their competitive edge and impact their company’s triple bottom line: financial, social and environmental, with efficiency and ease. Selected by U.S. State Department, Isaac serves as a Global Innovation Fellow. Global Innovation Fellows are emerging entrepreneurs and innovators who are committed to international dialogue that promotes shared economic prosperity and inclusive innovation in and between American and Chinese markets. Dedicated to educating the next generation of business leaders and influencers, Isaac serves as the Dean of the School of Business at historic Stillman College. As Dean, his vision and strategy to achieve the School of Business’ goals & objectives focuses on these areas: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Technology, Accreditation, Fundraising, Globalization, and Civic Engagement and Responsibility. 

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